True Will

True Will was formed in New Jersey in late 2010 by Billie Seeland (vocals, guitar) and brother Chris Seeland (vocals, bass). Mike Soto (drums) was brought in soon after.

Since the band’s inception, they have performed and supported many acts in the Tristate area, toured much of the United States, and have recorded multiple releases all with the intent of evolving and exploring themselves sonically. The band is heavily influenced by punk, while incorporating elements of metal, alternative, and indie.


True Will Discography:

Insomnia of Paranoia EP - March 2012

Live Trash - Live EP - September 2012

A Different Kind of Beast EP - October 2013

Truth Behind The Lies - Live EP - February 2014

Return to the Living EP - November 2014

Collinwood EP - September 2015

Painful Truths & Comfortable Lies - November 2016

Honesty - August 2018


True Will has Supported Live:

The Misfits

Richie Ramone

Michale Graves


Off With Their Heads

Argyle Goolsby & The Roving Midnight

The Cryptkeeper Five

Wednesday 13


Vampires Everywhere!


True Will is.....

Chris Seeland

Billie Seeland

Mike Soto